Coordinator Tracey Ellis 2017

11th August 2018

NSW Indoor/Outdoor Finals - North and South

Hi all


NSW has both their Southern and Northern Indoor/Outdoor finals coming up on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of August 2018.

To assist the two clubs hosting the Finals, a list is being compiled from the results of all qualifying events to confirm those who have qualified.  If you are unsure of your results/status for either of the NSW or Victoria finals, could you please contact me.

Drivers must compete, without elimination, at two qualifying events with the same combination of horse/pony to compete in the final.  You can drive as many combinations as you wish, as long as all those combinations qualify.

Please note that Canberra Club (hosting the Southern final) is putting on a qualifier event on Saturday the 18th prior to the final on Sunday the 18th.

You can also compete in the Victorian Indoor Final being held on Sunday the 9th of September, qualifications carry over both states.

Details for the Indoor/Outdoor Final is located on the NSW Carriage Driving website or contact Canberra Club, Garry and Judy Harris on 0438 880 458 and Tamworth Club, Liz O'Brien on 0427766726.


NSW State CDE Convenor

Tracey Ellis

0402 854 696