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Combined Driving

Combined Driving

Combined Driving is an exhilarating equestrian sport that showcases the harmony between a skilled driver, a carriage, and one, two, or a team of four horses. Participants guide their horse-drawn carriages through intricate and challenging obstacles, demonstrating precision, control, and communication with the equine team.

A Combined Driving Event (CDE) can occur over 1, 2 or 3 days. The sport encompasses three phases: dressage, marathon, and cones.

In the dressage phase, drivers execute a series of prescribed movements to exhibit the horses’ responsiveness, suppleness, and obedience. The marathon phase tests the team’s speed, endurance, and manoeuvrability as they navigate a cross-country course with various obstacles. Lastly, the cones phase demands precision as drivers steer their carriages through narrowly spaced cones in a timed event, emphasising their ability to maintain control at higher speeds.

Combined Driving celebrates the tradition of horse-drawn vehicles while incorporating athleticism, skill, and teamwork. It requires a deep understanding of equine behaviour, exceptional driving finesse, and a dedication to training horses and drivers. Spectators are treated to a captivating display of grace, agility, and coordination between humans and horses, making combined driving a remarkable and compelling equestrian pursuit.

Skillful Horsemanship

Combined Driving showcases the high level of skill and finesse required by the driver and the equine team. You must have excellent communication and control over your horse while horses display athletic agility, responsiveness, and discipline.

Thrilling Competition

Each phase tests different aspects of driving ability. Dressage demonstrates precision and harmony, marathon challenges speed and endurance, and the cones phase requires agility and accuracy. The diversity of challenges keeps the competition exciting and dynamic.

Inclusive Nature

Combined Driving is open to a range of horse and carriage combinations, making it accessible to various breeds and sizes of horses. This inclusivity allows diverse participation and a rich mix of styles and approaches

International Competitions

Combined driving is practised worldwide, and numerous international competitions bring together talented drivers and their equine partners. These events offer a chance for you to showcase your skills on a global stage

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Combined Driving Events through to the end of 2023 include:

Level 3 CDE in Southern Highlands 

NSW State CDE Championships in Gundagai

Level 2 CDE in Longwood, Victoria 

Level 2 CDE – Battle of the Border in Mullengandra

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