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Combined Driving

Combined Driving Competitor's Hub

Welcome to the Combined Driving Competitors’ Hub! This page is your go-to source for all things related to competitive Combined Driving. Here, you’ll find useful links to resources that will aid you in your journey, whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just starting out. Sign in to the member’s section of the Federal ACDS website and then explore the resources below to access information that will help you excel in this equestrian sport.


ACDS Federal Website

First, log in to the ACDS Federal website for member resources. Then, either find what you need in the website's navigation or return here and click these links.

CDE Rule Book

Click the link below for the most recent CDE Rule book.
To check for any amendments, please refer to the CDE guides page on the Federal site.

Dressage Tests

To access the official Dressage Tests, simply click the link below. You'll find diagrams from C for all tests, and from A for most tests.

Other CDE Resources

Clicking this link directs you to the CDE guides page, where you can discover additional resources for competitors and organisers alike.

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